Tattoo Aftercare

  1. Remove bandage after an hour or two when you get home. Wash with warm water and unscented antibacterial soap (Dial Gold), cleaning with your bare hand. Do not scrub or dry with anything abrasive, just your bare hand. Pat the tattoo dry with a CLEAN towel.
  2. Apply thin layer of AQUAFOR (recommended) or other hydrating ointment with CLEAN HANDS. Rub into skin, do not over apply excessive ointment at one time as it will hinder the healing process. Less ointment applied more times a day is better than too much at once.
  3. Wash tattoo and apply ointment after the tattoo has been cleaned, and do this throughout the day as needed to keep the tattoo moisturized. (wash 2x daily, moisturize as needed) Repeat for 5-7 days. Some individuals will break out slightly from petroleum based ointments, this is normal.
  4. After the first 5-7 days, begin to apply only an unscented moisturizing lotion instead of AQUAFOR or hydrating ointment, in the same manner. Approximately 3-5 times daily, rub small amounts into skin (5-7 days) until tattooed skin is back to the complexion of normal skin.
  5. If properly cared for, your tattoo will be itch and flake lightly. This is normal, do not scratch or pick at the tattooed skin. SCABBING IS NOT GOOD! Take proper care and your tattoo will not scab.

DO’s: Wash frequently, keep it clean, apply ointment in a clean way so not to contaminate ointment or the tattoo, keep it out of Sunlight.

DON’T’s: Tanning, picking, scratching, no swimming/submerging in any type of water for 2-3 weeks, exposing to direct sunlight, letting your tattoo scab, applying ointment without washing your hands first.

We use 100% sterile equipment and methods to apply your tattoo, and it’s your responsibility to care for it so it heals the best it possibly can.

At first symptoms of infection (increased pain, swelling, redness, or warmth around the affected area, red streaks extending from the affected area, drainage of pus from the area and or fever) contact a physician immediately.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach us Monday-Saturday 2:00pm – 10:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm – 6:00pm at (856) 694-5567. Feel free to stop in the shop as many times as you need.

As always, thank you for your business!

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